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🐣 Basic ✨


  • Secure your username!
  • Popular social media links
  • 5 external links
  • Help center access

✨🐤✨ Supporter ✨🫰✨

  • Support yearly for only


    Equivalant to RM1.20/month for 12 months

    or support monthly for only


    Difference of RM1.30/month compared to yearly
  • Basic tier features plus...
  • Unlimited external links!
  • Early access to new features
  • Email support & help center access

🐓 Business ✨


  • Basic & Supporter tier features plus...
  • Analytic dashboard
  • Support for custom integrations
  • Priority support

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Basic Supporter Business
Profile Page
Your personal profile page at
Popular social media links
Standard 5 external links
(30 days trial)
Additional UNLIMITED external links
Personal branding
Manage multiple accounts
Future New Features
New feature request
Access to pre-release features
Analytic Dashboard
Visitor count
Clicks per link
Customer Support
Access to Help Center
Email support
Priority support
Support for custom integrations
Price RM4/year RM4/month RM48/year
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